In Search of Color

How do trends happen and who sets them?  We are all dying to know what will be the next hottest color in fashion, textiles, furnishings.  Trend is really a sequence of events - economic, social, politial - which affects our everyday life and finds its expression in art and design.  It comes at no surprise that in today’s world of chaos and instability, the color palette for next year is inspired by Mother Earth.  Today, we look for balance and think about fundamental issues of life.  We are attracted to the basic colors in nature.  According to Sherwin Williams COLORMIX this is how the four main groups of color will be reintperpreted in the new year. RED is the most talked about as we haven’t seen such boldness since the 80’s.  In 2012 we look at it as a symbol of life.  It is inspired by the red robes of monks in Japan, by the warmth of the fire and a passionate kiss.

Blue represents water and ... denim. In denim we see an American worker who was affected by economic downturn. Brinigin driniking water to everyone in the world is a global issue today. Blue is also a symbol of royalty.

Green is more complex in 2012 – we see more of teal and turquoise shades of it.  It is the color of nourishment, landscape and microscopic plants. Algae is the fastest growing plant on earth, 65% of which is oil.  It might become our next source of energy!

Neutrals is the common ground, tranquility and balance. It is tree bark, grain, linen and organic cotton. The colors are more muted and subtle, however there is a little surprise mixed in with creams and grays – a pop of sunshine.

Enjoy experimenting with color in 2012!