All-White Interiors

How to Incorporate the Look 

There’s something so fresh and invigorating about all-white interiors. They’re both modern and timeless at the same time, and with an ability to instantly transform a space into a bright and welcoming realm, they’re trendsetters time and time again.

Yet, to achieve this look takes more foresight than simply swiping on a coat of paint and updating the color of your furniture and décor. If certain key elements are missing, all-white spaces can quickly feel cold and sterile, and for a home environment, that’s certainly not the ideal scenario.  

To help guide you through your own design, we’ve pulled together a list of our must-haves for creating all-white interiors. Add these together and you’ll have a sleek and chic space that will give off all kinds of positive vibes you’ll absolutely love for years.

Interesting Architecture

The first thing to consider before opting for all-white is your home’s architecture. Does your room have interesting details like historical plaster moldings or exposed ceiling beams? Are there floor-to-ceiling windows that bring a flood of natural light and a pop of outdoor color into the space? Do you have an original fireplace and mantel that will serve as the center point of your décor? Creating interest in an all-white space can be a challenge, so if you have these types of visual pockets already built in, it will help to soften the starkness of a bright white shade and will add much-needed dimension and depth.

Unique Furniture & Lighting

Another key consideration is your furniture and lighting. While these may seem inconsequential, they can actually work as their own form of architecture within a space, giving height and shape to specific areas and creating ingrained focal points that purposefully direct the eye. In terms of lighting, remember that soffit lighting, sconces, chandeliers, and pendants will all give off a different vibe, so it’s important to determine what your functional needs are and which areas you want to highlight within the room. Furniture-wise, consider the dimensions and scale of your space – do you need low-profile silhouettes to account for low window ledges, or do you want to opt for an unexpected furniture shape to add softness and contrast to a room already filled with crisp straight lines? Choose your furniture and lighting wisely, and they’ll instantly become part and parcel of your space’s architectural charm.

Loud Statement Piece

Finally, an all-white interior isn’t complete without a loud statement piece that anchors the room. Whether that’s a jaw-dropping art piece or an enormous light fixture, you absolutely need something that will define your room and add a major splash of visual contrast. Because white spaces can sometimes feel overly monochromatic, a touch of flair can go a long way towards pulling the room’s elements together and creating an organic sense of movement.

Though white is simple, it’s a go-to designer’s choice for a reason. Its versatility is unmatched, and by tweaking the shade slightly, you can go for a cool and bright aesthetic, or opt for a warmer and creamier hue. Whichever white you gravitate towards, just remember to keep in mind your home’s architectural details, choose your furniture and lighting carefully, and incorporate a bold statement piece – with all three of these steps in place, your all-white interior will be magazine-worthy in a snap.


By Megan Johansson