Accent Chairs That Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Add a Unique Statement to Your Space

By Megan Johansson

There’s nothing quite like a unique accent chair to make a statement in a room. With the right texture, color, or print, you can instantly turn a bedroom or living room from predictable to bold and exciting.

The trick with accent chairs, though, is that you want them to add personality to the space without completely taking over as the sole focal point. A chair should complement the other colors and fit in seamlessly with the rest of the décor. You don’t want an ultra-modern chair thrown into a space that’s going for more of a Zen vibe because the two styles will clash. Instead, you want to make sure to keep everything cohesive so the chair is more of a cherry on top (yum) versus hot sauce on a sundae (not the best fit).

Not sure where to start? Check out these chairs to give you an idea of how to get creative with your furniture:

Incorporate floral or geometric patterns

Adding florals is a great way to mix multiple colors into a space without it feeling overwhelming, and geometric patterns are always a good idea (especially if you’re hesitant about going for a bold color pop but still want an accent chair that stands out). If you stick to the color palette of the room, you can play with a myriad of exciting patterns that give the room a surprising element.

1. Floret accent chair / Source    2. Black & white geometric chair / Source    3. Red geometric patterned chair / Source

 Use rounded chairs to build a sense of comfort

Chairs with curved arms and rounded backs are warm and inviting, and bring a sense of hominess to a room. If you have a lot of sharp angles in your space and want to soften it up, a chair like one of these is a great addition.

1. Red accent chair / Source    2. Teal swivel chair / Source    3. Plum accent chair / Source

Choose a bold color pop to offset a largely neutral-based room

A color pop can instantly give a room character. The key with this is to be selective with your color choice – if the room has more of a calm vibe, you probably want to avoid a hot pink option, but a subtle pink could be the perfect fit. Choosing the right shade is important to making sure it’s visually pleasing versus too harsh on the eyes.

1. Emerald velvet Chloe chair / Source    2. Bright yellow arm chair / Source    3. Coral tufted chair / Source

Look for chairs with brass or wooden legs to add contrast

Not ready to fully commit to an all-over bold color accent chair that immediately draws attention? Try a chair with wooden or brass legs to add contrast and soften up a chair’s pattern or color. The shift in texture and material can be enticing visually and can help the chair blend in with the rest of the room.

1. Navy velvet chair with brass frame / Source   2. Purple velvet chair with brass legs / Source   3. Teal chair with wooden legs / Source

Play with chair shapes to give your space a totally unique vibe

Why not go for an accent chair that is completely unexpected? Defy typical shapes and structures by opting for chairs with unpredictable pizazz.


1. Sculptural Elroy chair / Source   2. Red egg accent chair with ottoman / Source   3. Maxime Club Chair / Source 

Go for fun textures

Playing with textures like velvet or quilted patterns can be intimidating on a large piece like a sofa, which is why incorporating those textures on an accent chair instead is the perfect way to add them to your room without them taking over the space.


1. Pink quilted accent chair / Source   2. Blue velvet chair / Source   3. Sheepskin armchair / Source

Ultimately, if you’re opting for an accent chair that adds a pop to the room, just remember to keep the area around the chair simple and let the piece make a statement all on its own. Use tricks like adding throw pillows or blankets in textiles with similar colors and textures as the rest of the room to instantly form a connection.  The result? Your chair will feel right at home. As long as you make your choice purposeful, we say go for it – you simply can’t go wrong adding an unexpected visual twist to a space.