Art Inspiration

Minimal & Modern Prints to Upgrade Your Space

A home isn’t complete without unique art that both fits the space and speaks to your style. And whether you lean more towards landscapes or abstract prints, a minimal and modern display can instantly add personality. Read on for our favorite types of art inspiration and why they just might be the perfect fit for you.


Calming and familiar, artwork that evokes scenes of nature is truly timeless. From watercolor interpretations to bold photography or side-by-side features of animals, incorporating depictions of the outdoors tends to make our spaces feel connected and alive. Especially in city dwelling environments, adding a bit of the natural world to the indoors can make a major difference in how we feel each and every day.


Abstract artwork is always a great option to give a room an immediate dose of the unexpected. With its unpredictable shapes and lines – often in a playful color palette – abstraction gives texture and helps to create drama. Especially if the rest of your décor is pared down and minimal, a piece of abstract art can be a much-needed infusion of surprise in an otherwise still environment.

Color Blocking

Similar to abstract art, color blocked prints are a splash of personality just waiting to adorn your walls. Usually made with about four or more colors, each work is completely unique and an instant built-in statement. Plus, by opting for one of these, it can serve to anchor your space and help you curate the rest of the room’s palette. Simply work your furniture and other décor elements around your favorite piece, pull out the key hues within your art, and you’ve got a room that feels like it’s ready for a magazine photoshoot.


For a total stand-out aesthetic in your space, we recommend opting for modern sculptural wall pieces. Their 3-dimensional and textured elements make these art pieces the ideal balance of visual depth and minimalism. Plus, there are endless styles and shapes available for you to choose from, meaning that you can take a more understated route (like an oversized metallic disc), or put together a gallery collection of multiple curated pieces (like the shape shifting spheres depicted below). Sculptural art is undeniably beautiful, and without a doubt, will help your space feel like one-of-a-kind.

Black & White

Simple, understated, and classic, you can never go wrong with a black and white print. But don’t be fooled – while these minimal styles are neutral in color, they absolutely pack a punch in terms of visual appeal. If you want something bold to take center stage, try an oversized print with abstract lines and shapes. Or, go for a more subtle sketch or portrait for a sense of calm and beauty. Regardless, we love them all and find that they’re the perfect additions to any room’s color scheme.

We don’t know about you, but all of these gorgeous prints and pieces have us dying to revamp our own spaces. And with spring in full force, well, there’s really no better excuse for a touch of change and a total décor refresh.  

By Megan Johansson