Modern Window Treatments

Spring is still a bit out of reach for us here in Minnesota, but there’s no doubt it’s on its way. We’ve been on the upswing for several months now with daylight increasing a little more each day, and we’ve got to say that it makes a major difference in our spirits to once again see the sun after 4pm!

So, to celebrate the its return, we’ve rounded up our favorite modern window treatments that let that light flood in nice and bright during the day, but still give you needed privacy at night.

Solar Shades

Not only are solar shades a sleek and minimal approach to window treatments, but they’re also incredibly functional. The filtered material allows you to still maintain a view of the outdoors while also blocking direct UV rays from your home. This helps immensely in terms of keeping heat out (especially once those summer temperatures rise), which in turn helps you save big time on your home’s energy bills. Plus, you can customize your solar shades to whatever level of opaqueness you prefer. Go for a lighter version if you’re craving a brightly-lit space or opt for a higher UV blocker if you need more shade (e.g. in a west-facing bedroom). Either way, these are excellent window treatment options that we highly recommend.


For a timeless look that also offers a great deal of privacy, you can never go wrong with draperies. And whether you pair them with shades for a layered design, or use them alone, they’re perfect for adding dimension and incorporating unique colors or patterns into your space.

Just remember that when it comes to hanging drapery panels, there are some basic rules to follow. First, make sure your rod hardware is quality-made and strong enough to hold your draperies (whatever fabric it may be). Second, you want to install your drapery rod above the top of your window to give visual height to the space, and you want your rod to extend over the width of the window on each side (the full window should be able to be covered). Finally, make sure your draperies extend down to the floor – going too short will make your room feel stunted and off balance.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a beautiful and classic window treatment option that many of our clients prefer because they’re a great in-between option if you’re not sold on either curtains or traditional shade styles. They use less space than a curtain, but because of the way the fabric folds together when opened, they also add more visual dimension than the simplicity of solar shades. Especially for smaller windows, like those above the kitchen counter or above a breakfast nook, roman shades can be a beautiful way to add texture and interest to a room.


Blackout & Dual Shades

Of course, if what is most important to you is privacy during those evening hours, then there are always blackout shade options to consider. While full blackout shades will completely eliminate any view to the outside, there are other more flexible options available, too. With dual shades, you get three options in one – either open the shade completely to let in full sunlight, pull down the sheer shade to let in soft filtered light, or pull down the opaque shade for full UV blocking. For those who crave variety, this option definitely fits the bill.

Fingers crossed we get a spring heat wave here soon, but in the meantime, be sure to consider which window treatments will be best for you by the time the sun is out in full force. The more preparation you can do now, the more comfortable the seasonal transition will be.


By Megan Johansson