Rugs with a statement

We take interior design very seriously. However, adding some fun and whimsy never hurts! How about some innovative rug ideas with a touch of surprise? We recently came across a Spanish company that has a totally different perspective on what a rug should be. Shapes, colors, textures – everything about their product, even names, is so clever! And, it will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face – young or old. A new take on a so familiar to all of us shag.

This rug would be perfect for a modern bedroom. It will add an instant movement, warmth and great texture.

I have to say this collection is my favorite - it's called Global Warming. Besides its political suggestion, it is so innocent and touching - a small lonely bear on a block of ice sorrounded by an expanse of cold water.

This rug is not for everyone, but you have to agree - the idea is genius. This avant-garde rug is made out of bicycle tires, which are collected and processed in India, where the main mode of transportation is bicycle.

Switching direction - check out this company designing and producing hair-on-hide leather rugs. The possibilities of pattern and color are endless.